Friday, July 18, 2008

A Govt doomed to Fall

This government has failed us. Those who voted to allow BN to continue ruling the country must now be kicking themselves.
For the first time in 50 years of BN rule, the people have a glimpse of how pathetic our leaders are. They would resort to any evil deeds so as to frustrate any one brave enough to challenge their authority.
That someone who dared to challenge BN was Anwar Ibrahim.And for that he is now paying the price for his ambition of becoming the next PM. This government has shown that it will not only not tolerate dissent but it will not sit by and allow any one to usurp what they feel is their divine right to govern this country for eternity.
The sodomy case against the Pakatan leader has made a mockery of our country. Our home minister has made a fool of himself by ordering a convoy of 15 police cars to arrest a defenceless old man of 60.
By emphasising the importance of sodomy as a crime of major proportions the home minister has made us a laughing stock of the international community.
Instead of focussing its attention and resources on the murder of the Mongolian model where altogether three statutory declarations have been made mentioning the DPM, the police chose to harass and arrest a man on a dubious sodomy charge.
For the second time in 10 years , the police have portrayed themselves as a tool of the ruling party when they should have been bipartisan.
Their active participation in an insignificant crime for political expediency when serious crimes are skyrocketing only reflects their lack of professionalism.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Najib must be a P.m without a stain.

Before UMNO underlings like the UMNO Putera chairman start to challenge Pakatan de facto leader to swear on the Quran in order to prove his guilt or innocence, I suggest the chairperson should first prioriotise the gravity of the offence.
In most civilised and developed countries homosexual activities between consenting adults is accepted and does not constitute a criminal offence.What two consenting adults do within the confines of their bedroom is nobody's business but their own
The govt by attempting to charge one of them for sodomy just because one of the consenting adults choose to bare his sordid details is making a mockery of our institutions like the Police dept, the Attorney-General Dept and principally the whole Govt institution which indirectly played a vital role in bringing the case to light.
What perhaps the UMNO Putera chairman should demand is for the Deputy Prime Minister, Dato Najib who is slotted to become the next Prime Minister to swear on the Holy Koran that he and his wife is totally absolved of any involvement in the Altantuya murder.
The Statutory Declaration made by Razak Baginda's private investigator gives further credence that the DPM was in some way involved in the dastardly act of murder.
Whereas homosexual activities between two consenting adults does not constitute an offence in most civilised countries, this cannot be said of murder or accessory to murder.The crime of murder in every country whether civilised or uncivilised is a capital offence.It is a universal crime which cannot be exempted from punishment.
Therefore it must be baffling to ordinary citizens why the Police dept and the Attorney-General is placing so much emphasis on the sodomy charge while treating the Altantuya murder nonchalantly.And this despite two statutory Declarations being made to implicate the DPM and his wife of involvement of the murder?
The Deputy Prime Minister is groomed to be the next Prime Minister of our country.Can he assume the mantle of the Prime Ministership in the near future with a stain and blemish of his involvement in a murder case?What would be the implication to the country if after his ascendancy there was irrefutable evidence to indicate his involvement?
All this implication of the DPM's involvement can only be banished once and for all if the Police seriously carry out an unbiased investigation without fear or favour and to eventually provide irrefutable evidence as to his guilt or innocence.
The first Statutory Declaration made by blogger, Raja Petra was most damaging and pointed directly to DPM and his wife involvement and despite a month after the Statutory Declaration there is no evidence or attempt to refute the revelation made.The DPM's wife even was generous to a fault by declaring she would not sue the blogger for defamation. The feeble attempt by the DPM to dismiss all those allegations as merely political attacks is unacceptable.The ordinary citizens deserves to know the truth and nothing but the truth.Mere denials cannot form the basis of any defence and therefore exonerate his guilt.
Unless and until there is conclusive proof that he was in no way involved in Altantuya's murder there is no likelihood Malaysians will accept him as our next Prime Minister.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Sodomy episode smells of entrapment.

Why are the police so worked up over an insignificant report by a young man that he has been sodomised?
Every neighbourhood is swarmed with reports of murder, rapes, snatch thieves, ATM robbers, goldsmith robbers and a host of other crimes that seem to increase by the day and yet, for some unfathomable reason only known to the police and the Attorney-General’s Chambers, they pay so much undue attention to the case of a young man who suddenly unabashedly tells the whole world that he has been sodomised.
The flurry of activity at the 'crime site' with a forensic team coming in and out depicts a crime of major proportions.
If only they had shown similar diligence in tackling the neighbourhood crimes they would have won more accolades.
As for the allegation, unless there is a consensual thing among both parties for the act to be consummated, I can’t for one precious moment think how a man of sixty and a young man of twenty three could ever put the act together if there is even the slightest resistance from the complainant.
And if this was really a consensual thing between two consenting adults, each with every intent to enjoy the forbidden fruit, then why for god’s sake would he suddenly turn around and point an accussing finger at the very person who had penetrated him?
Even if it was true, what two consenting adults do within the confines of their castle is no business of anybody unless of course one party decide to kiss and tell.
And why would any one who indulge in such a past time want to tell the world of his dysfuntion?
The whole unsavory episode smacks of entrapment and conspiracy with every intent to deprive this nation a man worthy to be our next national leader.
Malaysians of every ethnic divide will not accept the simplistic version that the government had no hand in snarling the prey to the lion's den to be slaughtered at the altar.
No matter how the government’s judiciary may arrive at their verdict, Malaysians will not want to be fooled a second time round.