Saturday, June 23, 2012

Malaysians have been Deceived By our Leaders

Malaysians should by now wake up from their .54 years slumber.Our first P.M, Tuanku Abdul Rahman was an honest man. He did not accumulate wealth beyond what he earned from his stipendary. When he died he did not die a wealthy man because during his brief but momentus tenure he was loved by all the races he governed.because he was not corrupt.
This continued. with Abdul Razak's tenure . There was hardly any whisper of corruption or perhaps because there was no independent or alternative media to expose any corruption.But that changed with Mahathir;'s asccendancy.

Under Mahathir's 22 years tenure, many things changed.He left behind a legacy of failed , instituitions which not only became subservient to the executive but in many aspects lost its direction and obligations to the people it was supposed to serve. The judiciary, the Police, the Attorney-General,and a host of othe public instituitions simply became a tool which only served Mahathir.Failure to serve his interests and desire would incur his wrath as happened to the Lord President of the Judiciary, Lord President Salleh.

Not only did Mahathir left behind a legacy of corrupt instituitions but he was himself instrumental and emboiled in many dubious deals which saw his family ensconced as one of the richest in Malaysia.Yet, despite his failings as a leader, we still today have people hero worship him as if he had left a lasting legacy.Sad to say, if truth be told,the only legacy which he left behind was a country destined to be racially divided and in the precipice of bankruptcy.History will truthfully depict him as a selfish ,egoistic leader who hid under the charade of helping the indigeneous malays while enriching his family and cronies.. Many of his supporters claimed his contributions in the development of the country's infrastructure.but building multi million dollar structures and highways do not require any special expertise as long as you have access to unlimited funds from Petronas.Any ten year old who can speak just have to repeat the word ' build it' and presto it will be built.

Malaysians must wake up from this long 54 years slumber and make a conscious effort to remove the present ruling regime which no longer serve the interest of the people..Malaysians must know unless they make this critical decision via the ballot box, this country will degenerate to a third world country similar to Zimbahwee..We do not have the luxury of waiting for another time or another election. We need to do it now, at the next General election.and failure to change this govt is not an option because it will inevitably bring the destruction of this country that all Malaysians love.

Probe all our extremely wealthy Finance Ministers.

No wonder our country's finance is in such dire straits. The latest accusation by former Deputy Bank Governor, Datuk Abdul Murad Khalid if true proves only one thing.That the ruling government has been plundering our nation's coffers. If the former Deputy Governor 's accusation is true then it can be concluded that previous Finance Ministers and present Finance Minister are also capable of the same criminal act.

The system of check and balance must have been so weak and feeble that each and every one of our Finance Ministers must have accumulated untold wealth. So why point finger at only one finance Minister? Daim Zainuddin retired a billionaire. Mahathir, made his family one of the wealthiest in Malaysia if not asia.. His son, Mokzani even was reported to be one of the top 10 wealthiest individual in Malaysia.Lately , Mokhzani's San Miguel brewery company bought over Esso Malaysia. Abdullah Badawi's one term Prime Ministership saw his wealth accumulation leaped manifold with revelation's of his assets in western Australia.What about the present Finance Minister, Najib? His involvement with the Scorpene submarine and the exorbitant commision paid to his close associate, Razak Baginda is already common knowledge.

So what brought out the Deputy Governor from the woodwork after being dormant for almost two decades?If Datuk Abdul Murad is serious about his allegations against Annuar, then he should also reveal the transgressions of Daim Zainuddin and Mahathir. To just single out that Annuar alone was guilty of his alleged transgressions is too far fetched and unbelievable. And if indeed his allegations borders on the truth , then it only portrays a grim picture of how our country's finances have been managed by the ruling govt for the last 54 years.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Malaysia Will Never ever Be a Developed Nation.

To be a deveoped nation in 8 years time is a far fetch dream.But our present leaders espoused the dream as if that goal can be that time.

After more than 100 years after the American civil war , they now have a black man as the U.S President.. In India, with a population of 90% Hindus, they have a sikh man as their President. Obama and Mamohan Singh share one common denominator. They are a miniority in the country where they are elected to the highest office.These two leaders were elected not because of their religion nor because of their race but they were elected because they were extraordinary persons with extraordinary talent.. Talent that could bring the country to dizzing height of sucess. Both accomplished their goals and vindicated  their election to their office. Obama managed to eliminate Osama Bin Laden, and Mamohan Singh brought India to unprecedented economic development.
While all these events are happening in this millenium, Malaysia is still mired in the debate that our country will continue to ensure that the next P.M will be a muslim malay..Yes, both side of the political divide has agreed that status quo will remain.Both B.N and Pakatan will continue to travel the same route that we had used for the last 54 years.A malay muslim will continue to helm this country no matter who takes over the reign of govt.
It seems regretably that after a span of 54 years we have still not moved away from the bondages of race and religion. Times have changed, countries have changed but for Malaysia, it seems time did not stood still, but we have regressed to a dark period where race and religion still matters.

Does it not seem odd that we should still prefer to be governed by crooks who would not hesitate  to plunder the nation's coffers rather than elect someone who is honest and posesses quality of leadership.? Are this not qualities that we seek and vital for a country to progress and develop?Or do we still prefer crooks who are malay muslims to be our leaders?If that is the criteria to be elected  as a leader for this country then this country is doomed.
Why have we not learned from History? Were we not told that those who dont learn from history are bound to repeat the same mistake?Let us examine some of the present facts. From Indonesia to the middle East where countires are governed by predominantly muslim leaders the scenario is errily similar. The muslim Presidents or despotic feudal rulers are all corrupt.They principally share one common trait. They are corrupt to the hilt. They have no qualms accumulating private wealth from their positions as rulers and Presidents.All these countries suffer the same consequences. The few leaders are wealthy while the mass lives in abject poverty.. This only lead to one inevitable solution. Arab Spring.

Malaysia can neither progress nor can we achieved  develop status if we continue to adopt this myopic way of selecting our leaders.We want the best to lead our nation and we want honest leaders who will accumulate wealth for the nation's coffers and not for his own personal self. We must  therefore adhere to what President of China once espoused. We dont care whether the cat is black or white as long as it catches the mice.