Monday, December 31, 2012

DAP Leaders Could have influenced delegates To Vote Malay Candidates For CEC

Three stalwarts of DAP namely, Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh and Lim Guan Eng could have made a difference in paving the way for malay candidates to be elected to the CEC. But sadly none of them showed any statemanship nor leadership to ensure that at least two malay candidates were elected to the CEC. Instead the two defeated malay candidates , Arifin Omar and zairil Khir Johari were appointed to the CEC.

Karpal spent his speech on glorifying past leaders while LGE spent his time glorifying his achievements in Penang. Both failed miserably to even mentioned that DAP future hinges on the success of projecting a multi- race party rather than one mired in racial chauvinism.

If only the DAP leaders have the acumen to know that a few words of advice to their faithful delegates that it was imperative that the delegates vote in at least a handful of malay candidates , the final outcome would have been vastly different. DAP would have emerged from their electoral two day congress smiling like a rose. It would have shut off all criticsms that it was a chauvinistic chinese party hell bent on pursuing its chinese agenda. But good leaders in the throes of their success sometimes fail to do just the right thing.

DAP leaders should not expect the malay electorate to be appreciative of their gesture in appointing the two malay candidates. Appointment does not bestow the same level of legitmacy as one who is given the mandate by the delegates.

If only leaders like Karpal and LGE had only whispered a few words of advice to the delegates ear, DAP would have scored a convincing victory that B.N would fine it hard to match. But sadly this did not happened and DAP miss a chance of a life time.