Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Why Did the sultan deliver Perak to the B.N?

Amidst the furore that is consuming the Perak political landscape,Perakians must be wondering at the deafening silence from the Royal household. Since bestowing the Perak govt to the B.N members, Sultan Azlan Shah, the Sultan of Perak has not come out to comment or defend his unpopular decision of not allowing M.B Nizar's request for the dissolution of the State assembly.Even Karpal Singh's appeal to the monarch to come out and say that royalty do not have immunity from being sued in their official capacity did not elicit any response.

The monarch's previous role as Lord president of the Judiaciary would have no problem in convincing the legal fraternity of his decision if indeed there was legal grounds for him to justify his act.Why then did he remain silent even until now?The regal monarch should have been aware of of the sweeping undercurrent of discontent with the B.N machinations which is riddle with corruption and which ended in the onminous defeat in the march 8th general election.

Surely an intelligent and well read man like the sultan would have read the political wind of discontent in Perak which led to the Pakatan Rakyat taking over the state.Then why in one careless moment did he took the unpopular course when he could have done the right thing for his Perak subjects who were crying for their voice to be heard?

There have been numerous speculations as to why he did what he did. Many of them have been unflattering and have only cast aspersion on his impeccable reputation which he had built during his impressive tenure as the Lord president of the Judiciary.

But the question remains and for history to find out why a man who had built a formidable reputation as a righteous man of Law would in one foolish moment sacrifice all his hard earned credentials to a tottering regime which will fall anyway.