Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Exodus Has Begun

Those who can have left. In fact statistic has shown that since 2007, 300,000 Malaysians mostly of chinese origin have left for foreign shores.. Surprisingly, 5000 Malays have also left Malaysia and mostly settled in Australia and new Zealand. Needless to say, most if not all who left are the cream of the Malaysian intelligensia.Most began their oversea stint as students or undergraduates in foreign Universities and subsequently apply for P.R status or citizenship.Many in this category would have opted to settle in their new country and have surrendered their Malaysian citizenship.

In view of recent political developments prior to and after the 13th General Elections, the impetus for migration has become more deliberate and urgent. Those with the financial means have already planned for their exit. Money outflows both legal and illegal have already seeped out of our financial system.Understandably , these money parked in foreign banks would provide a safe haven in the event of any catastrophic events occurring in Malaysia.

You dont need to be an expert politcal analyst to realise that our country , Malaysia has degenerated to be a country mired in muslim fanaticsm. Quite correctly stated by the elderly stateman Lee Kuan Yew that Malaysia has now embraced the more orthodox form of Islam.To prove this simple truth, one just have to view films of P.Ramlee produced during the early 60s during our most illustrous Prime Minister, Tuanku Abdul Rahman and the present era.In the film of that era you will find that malay girls wear skirt and do not wear any head scarves. But now, malay woman who do not wear headscarves are condemned and ostracised.Is that not a significant change to be more orthodox?

The current political scenario is very bleaked for non muslims.Religious fanaticsm is already now rearing its ulgly head.Racial discrimination in all spheres of the govt administration including education is becoming more apparent. There will come a time when the failure of the govt to manage the economy properly will be blamed on the chinese.This deja vu situation happening here will be akin to the situation in Nazi germany in the 1930s where the Jews were blamed for everything that happened in pre war Germany.And we know what happened to the fate of millions of Jews in Nazi Germany.

Our economy is currently on a downward spiral and in due course it will collapse caused by poor management of the country's financial system. Fitch's negative outlook of Malaysia's economy is only the begining. Soon outflow of foreign investment and capital will have dire consequences on our country's financial system.The immediate consequence of this will be the immediate devaluation of our currency.The loss of foreign investment and capital will caused massive unemployment and the main victims will be majority malay populace.

In such a worst case scenario, the stage is set for another may 13th where racial conflict will certainly flare.The chinese with their hard earned luxury and comfortable resdents will be the victims.The British and the Germans have planned their exodus by selling their valuable embassies where their land stood and instead rent temporary premises.

For those chinese who can afford to leave should leave now before its too late.Thousands of jews left for foreign shores during the Nazi regime. Many were forced to leave with only the clothes on their back but they survived. Those who remained and they formed the majority were gassed to death in the Holocast.There is a lesson to be learnt from this and it would do well for the chinese to learn from it

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