Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bleak Future For Medical Graduates

New medical graduates as from next year face a bleak future if the statement by the President of Malaysian Medical Association , Datuk Dr. N.K.S Tharmaseelan becomes a reality.According to him, 'there were too many graduates and too many private medical colleges: almost 40 now for a population of 28 million.'

Once upon a time there was such a severe shortage of medical doctors that the govt had to introduce mandatory two years of Housemanship and three years of compulsory service. However the compulsory service has now been reduced to two years.

With 40 medical colleges now producing over 5000 medical graduates yearly, it is most likely that most of the doctors would not be able to be absorbed by govt hospitals to serve their mandatory Housemanship and compulsory two years service.

In view of the bleak prospect of medical graduates finding employment next year, it is imperative that the Health Ministry should immediately review the mandatory Housemanship and two years compulsory service for newly medical graduates..If the Health Ministry refuse to review this policy then its their duty and obligation to ensure that all medical graduates are given a place to serve their mandatory term of service..The Health Ministry cannot remain oblivious to the plight of medical graduates by enforcing a policy that is beyond their ability to fulfil.

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