Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Pakatan should demand scrutiny of all spoilt votes in marginal seats.

One intersting fact emerged during the last 13 General Election which seemed to escape the attention of Pakatan strategists. Five typical cases which should require further attention and scrutiny applies to 1). Labis 2) Bentong 3) Cameron Highlands 4). Kuala Selangor 5) Sungai Besar.The results of all the five constituencies should provoke some degree of suspicions.

In Labis,Chua Soi Lek's young progeny , Chua Tee Yong won with a slender majority of 353 votes. And that after considerable allegations of money being paid for votes by young Chua's campaigners.The wining majority of 353 was overshadowed by a nearly two fold fold increase of 689 spoil votes.

In Bentong,, former MCA Health Minister, Liow Tiong Lai won with a majority of 379 votes but this slender wining margin was overshadowed by the almost triple amount of 988 spoil votes.

In the Cameron Highlands result, MIC President, G.Palinivel garnered a small majority of
462 votes and this again was overshadowed with a two fold increase of 877 spoil votes..
In Sungai Besar, B.N won with a majority of 399 votes and this was out numbered by 699 spoilt votes.
Lastly, Kuala Selangor was won by B.N with a majority of 460 votes and this was conspicuosly outnumbered by a two fold increase of 934 spoilt votes..

Since E.C had mentioned that it will not only accept votes marked with an 'X' but also will accept those marked with checks and dots too, it will be interesting to find out what reason was given for those huge numbers of spoilt votes. A proper scrutiny of all the spoil votes can only lead to a determination whether all those rejected votes were legitimately construed as spoilt.

In the light of the revelation that there was a huge increase of spoilt votes of 332,297, up from 2008's 324,120 ballot papers, it is important that the E.C act transparently by revealing all the spoilt votes for a proper scrutiny by an independent party. This is to allay fears that the spoilt votes were deliberately cast aside as spoilt without proper justification.This is neccessary because spoil votes rejected by the E.C are not included in the final count.

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