Friday, August 21, 2015

Hudud Has No chance of Being Tabled in Parliament

It is indeed shocking to learn that so called political analyst Mahavera opinioned that 'without PKR, PAS can still pushed through Hudud'. Even without any basic legal knowledge a novice in Law can see through such a fallacious  statement. It is rather unfortunate that political analyst without knowledge of the legal ramification should make such a sweeping statement which would only be trying the to mislead the public at large.

Our founding fathers have framed our constituition to be a secular one and any attempt to thwart that constituition by replacing it with a theocratic Islamic one is totally in contravention of the Federal constituition. Neither did our founding fathers envisaged  a parallel law system with one for muslims and another for non muslims. This would undoubtedly create a discriminatory penal system whereby separate punishment would be meted for the same offence.

It is elementary knowledge that any state laws which are in contravention of the Federal constitution would not see the light of day in  Parliament .Therefore, it would only be an act of futility if PAS choose to submit a notice to table a Private Member's Bill in the current session of amend the Syariah Courts ( Criminal Jurisdiction) Act 1965.

The speaker in Parliament has no option but to reject the submission of such a Private's member bill for the simple reason that any Bill submitted that contravenes the Federal constitution would not be entertained nor debated in Parliament..

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