Friday, January 31, 2014

WHY Khalid Must Make way For Annuar

Many arm chair critics and so called political analyst have lambasted Pakatan for orchestrating a bye -election for Kajang. One political novice, Dr. kua even offered the suggestion that PKR supporters should boycott the election. This ridiculous suggestion would mean that the kajang seat would be given to B.N on a platter.And what would such a move accomplish? To allow B.N to continue plundering of the nation's coffers and to continue their racial policy of divide and rule? Dr. Kua offered his opinion that it would be costly to hold a bye election and therefore should not be held . I fail to agree on this for the simple reason that bye election cost would normally be only incurred by the Election comission. Its only when the parties choose to splurge on their election campaign that it become a costly affair. This is especially true with the B.N parties who have the financial clout to splash on their election campaigns. So it can be accepted that bye

election and even general election need not be a costly affair if all parties choose to be moderate in their election spending.Unlike their B.N counterparts, Pakatan dont have deep pockets . So they are not in a position to spend lavishly on their campaign.

In order to appreciate and understand the necessity for a bye election and the urgent need for Annuar to contest the Kajang seat, one should just study the way Selangor had been governed since 2008.. No one can dispute that the present govt under Khalid practice prudent financial management and till now have not being accused of any corruption or misdemeanor.To their credit the state coffers have now bulged to the tune of $3 billion. But prudent financial management alone does not qualifies it as a state that is well managed. This reminds me of the story of a rich wise man who wanted to find out which of his three sons was a good businessman. The father gave each son a sum of money and wanted to see how each son managed their money.The first son decided to bury the money in the garden to keep it safe. The second son hide the money under his bed so that he could count and make sure its all still there.The third son venture into business by buying goods

and selling it for a profit. After one year the father summoned all his children and each reported what they had done with the money.Needless to say, the third son who multiplied his capital won the most praise from his father and subsequently inherited his business.

The moral of the story is simple. Selangor is a rich state and it has no problem accumulating wealth from its tax collection. What Khalid is doing is exactly what the proverbial first and second son was doing.i.e keeping the money idle and not doing anything about it. What Khalid could have done was to allocate money to each of the Pakatan constituencies for infrastructure and other amenities so that the rakyat can benefit from it. Why was this not done by Khalid? No one can guarantee who will win the next state election and what if Pakatan loses and cede power to B.N? B.N would have the luxury of spending the money and wining the hearts and minds of the selangor people for their generous gesture.

However the nail that hammered into Khalid's coffin was his failure to tackle the Bible seizure by JAIS. How could JAIS by passed the exco member in charge of Islamic affairs and carry out the bible seizure?This episode clearly showed Khalid as a weak and compliant leader.For him to conclude that JAIS was acting under SOP in carrying out the raid was not only silly and contradictory. It showed he did not had the courage to discipline the JAIS members for acting beyond their powers. Putrajaya washed their hands of the matter by passing the hot potatoe to Khalid and he failed miserably by saying he will leave it to JAIS to investigate and settle the matter.Since religion comes under state jurisdiction, Khalid should have the courage to tackle the issue headon rather than allow it to fester and create disharmony among the races.

The strategy adopted by Rafizi is correct and appropriate. Selangor needs a strong able leader that will not succumb to dirty politics planned and executed by the federal Govt. It has become obvious that Khalid is incapable of countering the religious and racial discord deliberately cast into the Selangor political landscape. Pakatan needs a strong leader to counter this dirty strategy and that simply explains why Khalid has to make way for Annuar. UMNO leaders and B.N supporters wants to see Khalid continue as M.B because a weak Pakatan M.B will ensure that this Pakatan jewel crown eventually reverts back to B.N. control.

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