Saturday, June 24, 2017

A-G, IGP and MACC response to DOJ civil suit shocking.

With the revelation by the DOJ in U.S about the civil forfeiture suits against Jho Low and Riza Aziz, the damnest evidence should have opened a Pandora box that would caused the AG, PDRM and MACC to commence immediate investigation. Instead, the response by the head of the three branches of our law enforcement office is shocking to say the least. The AG had the gall to say that there was no misappropriation of 1 MDB funds and that Najib was not fingered in the civil suit. Hence in his intelligent conclusion no further action was necessary. The IGP showed his incompetence by saying that since it was a civil action to forfeit the asset he would not meddle in the case. And as for the MACC head his only comment was that they were working with the FBI as required under the U.N convention.

In all seriousness,U.S$3.5 billion of our sovereign wealth fund was misappropriated and here we have three branches of law enforcement displaying a nonchalant attitude as if it was none of their business to investigate  under the pretext that it was a civil matter. Instead of instructing the custodian of law to investigate, the P.M deem fit to be more concerned about the accused being charged for embezzlement and money laundering. Should he not be more concerned that U.S $3.5 billion from the 1MDB  sovereign wealth fund  was being exposed as being misappropriated under his watch?
Quite understandably, the court papers mentioned 36 times an individual with the name of Malaysian Official One who happens to be a relative of Riza Aziz and who had through a scheme of laundering transferred a substantial sum of money from the 1MDB funds to his own personal account. And without a shadow of doubt, the Malaysian official one is none other than our P.M , Najib

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